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Welcome was founded with a simple vision that enterprise software shouldn't be difficult or expensive. Wouldn't it be nice to go to one place and have all of our projects, reports, utilization, customer data, and to-do lists easily accessible and manageable in a way that makes sense?

We thought so.


The problems with traditional software

Most software solutions are either too complicated and expensive to use or too light on features. People often are left with using several disparate applications to meet their needs. Unfortunately these applications are never integrated and are rarely accessible from the Web. Under pressure to produce information and results, users most often resort to spreadsheets to manage task lists, customer data, issues and reports.


The market is ready for fresh ideas

A trend we are seeing in software today is a move away from complex Gantt charts and other mind numbing complexity to more intuitive user interfaces and easier reports. For example, we manage our lives with simple lists every day. It is how we buy our groceries, organize our to-do's, track phone calls, read emails, manage finances, organize ideas, etc. It is no wonder why the spreadsheet is the world's most popular software application: people gravitate to easier ways to manage their data.

But spreadsheets alone don't give us enough. They don't tie everything together. For example, they don't email us when a customer has an issue, they don't warn us when we are overscheduling our resources, they don't tell us who didn't submit their timesheets, and so on.


Doing things differently

As we designed we thought what if we built software that was as easy to use as spreadsheets but powerful enough to allow people to manage their entire business. And put it all together online where it can be easily accessed at anytime from anywhere. Make it economical enough for all businesses large or small. And approach usability in a way that leverages how our minds naturally work.

That is how software should work. It should work for us and not the other way around.


Summary was designed to deliver a suite of the most common software applications neatly integrated into an easy-to-use package. All at a price point that is less than the competition. This, along with easy online access allowing businesses to get up and running in minutes instead of days and now we are delivering true software value.

But the best way to appreciate this new software experience is to give our free, no-risk trial a go. We are confident will help you achieve higher success in your business. It has for us. We use it every day to manage our enterprise. We hope you will to.


Smart. Simple. Complete.

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