Product Features


Integrated Software Suite - ezProjects, ezCRM and ezSupport

ezEnterprise brings together three popular software applications seemlessly into one - Project Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Support Management. Begin using all three or just start with one and expand your usage as your needs grow. ezEnterprise allows you to instantly enable or disable applications easily.



Project Management

Creating Projects couldn't be easier. Manage and track milestones, tasks, issues, notes, documents and expenses. Dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) allow a manager to quickly see how a project is tracking and if there are issues or risks that need immediate attention. Online reporting delivers professional status reports which can be exported and sent to your team.



Access online timesheets to enter time against tasks and to mark tasks complete. Run time reports to bill customers or pay contractors on work complete. Project tasks are updated in real time from information entered on timesheets.


User Management

Manage your employees and contractors easily from within ezEnterprise. Assign roles to team members to allow access to specific areas of the software (i.e. Projects, Support, etc.). Dashboards provide projected resource capacity based on project assignments, highlighting weeks where specific resources are over or under-utilized.



Customer/Account Management

Manage customers, prospects, partners, competitors and associated information you need in one place. Keep detailed history on correspondence, upload documents, create support tickets and associate contacts with accounts.



Manage your contacts and important contact information from within ezEnterprise. Use the notes feature to keep detailed history of correspondence. Set dates and reminders for your next sales call. Receive emails to remind you on the day you are to call your contacts with detailed history and notes included in the email. Import all of your contacts/customers directly from your favorite mail program with a single click. ezEnterprise will also export a detailed contact record for your email application. Share contacts across your entire team. Keep your contact information up-to-date in one central location.



Support Management - issues, risks, ideas, to do's, changes

The Support module is an extremely versatile application within ezEnterprise. Support items can be anything from issues, to do's, requirements, support tickets, bugs, change requests, ideas, risks, etc. Support items can optionally be associated with Projects, Accounts or Contacts. Use the built-in rich text editor to keep detailed descriptions and notes on the progress of any support item.

   Added Benefits


Online Notebooks

Notebooks allow you to create and share written documents online. Capture and organize your notes, ideas, lists, designs or other details conveniently within ezEnterprise. Notebooks bring to the web common editing features similar to desktop applications like Microsoft Word. However Notebooks are created and edited from within your browser - no special software or plugins required. And because Notebooks are stored securely online in one central location, you don't need to worry about copying documents from one computer to the next to keep them synchronized. You can access you Notebooks at any time from any computer and know they are always up-to-date.


Web Based Software (Software in the Cloud)

Because ezEnterprise is a web-based product hosted in the Cloud, everyone can manage their projects, resources, timesheets, customers, contacts, issues and reports from anywhere in the world. No special software is required. Any web browser from any location can access the software. ezEnterprise is hosted, managed and secured by us, so no IT resources are required from you to install, manage or run the solution.


Online Document Storage

Upload all of your files, documents, contracts, requirements, forms, templates and reports into ezEnterprise so that it becomes your central document store. You can save as many documents as you wish and access them anytime, anywhere. All documents are versioned when uploaded to ezEnterprise. When you view a list of documents it will list all versions available for each document. All this is seamless to the user.


Smart. Simple. Complete.

ezEnterprise strikes a perfect balance between delivering a rich set of features but remaining very easy to use.
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